Playing in the kiddy pool of meditation

Playing in the kiddy pool of Meditation.

Like Tae Bo is to Kung Fu, Like Zumba is to Dance some forms of meditation are just mere reflections of true systems of mediation and energy work (Qi Gong). Packaged up into smaller consumable, easier to do, easier to get bundles that provide enough benefit to keep most happy.
When going to the beach with my young children, given the choice between the ocean pool and the open ocean mostly they would choose the ocean pool. Why? Well for a child the ocean pool provides all of the obvious benefits; cooling off, swimming and playing, all in the safety of the pool without having to deal with any scary waves or currents. The flip side of this safety, if they were to stay in the pool, is they would never learn the joy of catching waves or feeling the power and freedom that is the open ocean; also they would never learn how to be safe and swim and stand strongly, or how to move in relaxed congruence with the ocean. For some the kiddy pool is just fine, for others the knowledge and the opportunity to expand themselves beyond their current limits is a driving influence that forces them into the ocean.
This a great metaphor for life. We can stay in the kiddy pool in the safety, where everything is just fine or we can step into the ocean and learn how to deal with it’s waves and current, and also how to expand our abilities to make the ocean feel almost like a kiddy pool.

True systems of meditation usually passed down from master to student, requiring dedication (ooh scary word dedication, its almost like commitment!) to unlock the deeper benefits and the true potential of the trans-formative techniques. Meditation is a wondrous endeavour that is filled with the discovery of Chi or energy, and discovery about ourselves and our potential as human beings.

I would love to share with you the first level of techniques in the system that I practice and teach, The Universal Healing Tao.

The Universal Healing Tao
Foundational exercises and techniques,

Meditation and Qigong seminar.

Sunday the 28th of June


6, 71-73 Lords Rd Leichhardt

Learn the first level of techniques for the Universal Healing Tao system plus a set of Qigong exercises that can be used as a morning wake up set!

I will guide you through these ancient techniques.

The Six Healing Sounds.
The Inner Smile.
The Micro Cosmic Orbit.
Learn how to feel and direct your own internal energy.
Learn how to connect with the earth energy (yin) and the universal force (yang).
Connect with your inner voice.
Learn how to free yourself from negative thoughts and emotions.

Booking essential. email sifu(at) or click the button below.

Cost is $100 for members and guests, for past seminar attendees cost is $40.