Universal Healing Tao Sydney

Universal Healing Tao Sydney

Embracing the splash cropThe Universal Healing Tao Sydney teaches the UHT System as taught to Nathan Head by Grand Master Mantak Chia. The UHT is a complete practical system of physical, emotional and spiritual self-development that enables individuals to master themselves and become their own healer and teacher. Its branches consist of Taoist Qigong, meditation, healing arts and martial arts. This powerful ancient Taoist wisdom is combined with the latest scientific discoveries to assist individuals in balancing their emotions, create better health and form a deeper connection with their true self. The Universal Healing Tao System is not a religion and does not require the belief in any one or set of deities or gods. The techniques work directly with the life force. The ultimate goal of the system is to transcend the illusion of death by giving birth to and crystallising each person’s spirit and soul into an immortal identity that has free will in all dimensions of time and space.

Grand Master Mantak Chia created the Universal Healing Tao system to effectively share the many ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy practices transmitted to him by a series of Taoist masters and teachers from throughout Asia. His sincere wish is that every individual have the opportunity to complete the harmonious evolution of body, mind and spirit. Through these practices the student learns to take personal responsibility for their own physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Through learning to nurture and heal oneself a solid foundation is laid for the realization of one’s spiritual potential. By re-establishing a direct connection with the natural energies surrounding us, the subtle awareness necessary for spiritual progress arises spontaneously. Ultimately, the boundaries of the physical body are transcended by the development of the soul and spirit bodies.

Through self-healing, the healer is born. Once the energy channels, or meridians, of the body have been opened and the energies of the internal organs harmonized, this unique integrated energy becomes available to heal others. Then, by opening and connecting to the sources of energy around us in Nature and the Universe beyond, boundless healing power becomes available for the benefit of all.

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