Healing Modalities

Cosmic Healing

“Human Beings exist because of the unique combination of forces that are around us and within us. The two main forces are electricity and magnetism. Bio-electro magnetism is the western term for “life Force”, or what Taoists call Chi. Bio signifies life, electro refers to the universal energies (yang) of the stars and planets, and magnetism refers to the earth energies (yin) or gravitational force present on all planets and stars. Bio-electro magnetism, or chi, pervades all of heaven, earth and nature. For the past five thousand years, practitioners of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung have used time tested methods to tap into these unlimited reservoirs of Chi, greatly expanding the amount of healing energy available to them.” From the book, Taoist Cosmic Healing by Mantak Chia 2001.

Cosmic Healing involves the practice of projecting Chi (energy or life force) from the healer to the patient to clean and energise the energy and physical body of the patient.

Cosmic Healing is so effective that the results can sometimes seem miraculous. But this is not the case, it is merely a technique based on the fundamental scientific principals that underlie everything in the universe. Einstein stated it emphatically many years ago (E=MC2), but we are only just beginning to understand the implications of the statement that; we and everything around us is pure energy.

Cosmic Healing treatment is not intrusive, as no physical contact between the healer and the patient is required.

Cosmic Healing is effective in treating everything from cuts, strains and bruises, to more serious ailments and diseases.

Sifu Nathan Head is a qualified Cosmic Healing Practitioner through Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao System.

Cosmic Healing Sessions are by appointment only. Please phone Sifu Nathan Head directly on 0410 456 911 or enquire here.

Chi Nei Tsang

Master Chia, releasing the wind gates.

Master Chia, releasing the wind gates.

Chi refers to energy and information; Nei Tsang refers to the internal organs. From this comes Chi Nei Tsang, the art of applying Chi Kung (energy work) to the transformation of old energy and information stored in the viscera. This stored energy and information may include undigested emotional charges and traumas of the past that are waiting to be processed.

Our digestive system processes emotion and food in exactly the same way. Things that are hard to swallow, to break down, and to assimilate are stored and digested slowly, over a period of time; some are so hard to break down and digest that they go into permanent storage, where they remain immobile and undisturbed.

These storage sites are well protected; nothing is allowed to leave, and nothing enters. Physiologically, blocking off the faciae prevents the smooth flow of lymph fluids, blood, oxygen, and energy.

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, such stagnant and congested energy is what enables disease to take hold.

The emotional charges and traumas of the past held in these storage sites keep all our physical systems (respiratory, hormonal, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, and so on) highly activated and hypervigilant – toxifying our entire being, constantly flooding us with stress hormones, and making our entire system acidic. We remain in a constant state of emergency, with all our body’s systems mobilized to deal with imminent danger – even though the danger they fear has long passed.

Chi Nei Tsang treatments are by appointment only. Please phone the main office on 0295317923 or Sifu Nathan Head directly on 0410 456 911.

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