Nathan Head – Universal Healing Tao Instructor

Nathan Head is a certified UHT Instructor personally trained by Master Mantak Chia and is the Onwer and and chief instructor at Head Academy

Nathan Head has practiced in the martial arts for over 30 years, starting with the Japanese art of Judo in his early Teens. Over 15 years ago he started training in Kung Fu and has done so ever since. He currently trains in the styles of Jow Gar and Pak Mei Kung fu.

In Sydney Australia Nathan Head owns and operates two full time centres dedicated to martial arts, meditation, qigong and healing. He teaches over 600 full time students as well as regular seminars and retreats.

He has long held a passion for physical pursuits and is an avid fitness enthusiast. It wasn’t until he was given a copy of Master Chia’s “Awaken Healing Light” that he started to delve into the spiritual and energy work practices of the Tao.

Nathan has been practicing the UHT system now for 19 years and attributes these practices to getting him through some of the most difficult personal and emotional times of his life. The practices have also allowed him to develop a greater connection with himself, allowing for personal development in ways that he could not have imagined possible.

It is for this reason that Nathan has included the Universal Healing Tao System as an integral part of his philosophy for health and well being, and now enjoys passing these practices on to others so that they too may benefit.

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